Masterful in Every Detail

    The creativity and aesthetic awareness of the traditional company is not just directed towards pencils and accessories. Exclusive fountain pens made from special natural materials are also a highlight of the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection: the Pen of the Year Edition embodies the brand's standard of excellence. 

    Since 2003, one Magnum fountain pen has been produced per year whose shaft elaborately showcases exclusive materials such as mammoth ivory, amber or gilded bog oak. Only recognised masters of their craft undertake their manufacture. The mainly hand-made nib, made from 18-carat gold with rhodium, and an iridium tip provide an incomparable writing experience. It ensures that interaction of softness, hardness, tension and elasticity that entails the pleasure of writing with a high-quality fountain pen. Each Pen of the Year is unique. It is individually numbered and presented in an exclusive wooden case with the certificate of limitation and authenticity of materials.